Sweet Innocence bronze by Miguel Guía. After many years, starts to bring back into his sculptures a message seen before in is works. The same message seen in his famous works of Calm and Silence, Reflection etc., where the sculpture represents an emotion, a feeling, the most expressive mixture of the human being, face and hands, come together again in this new collection, a magical realism that goes beyond the real, to enter the world of emotions.

Among the sculpturistic languages of the author,  one may find this Realist Sculpture of Miguel Guía named Sweet Innocence. It is a perfect choice for your private collection. If, as a collector, you wish to invest in art due to its revaluation over, this valuable sculpture is currently exhibited at art galleries. It is part of a limited, numbered and original collection that will be offered by this artist only for a limited time. Once the edition is sold out no more pieces of this artwork will be produced.

Merchants and gallery owners count on the guarantee of an exclusive, quality and unique work that collectors, as well as subsequent generations and/or heirs, can enjoy.

  • Height 15.7 inches / 40 cm
  • Length 3.9 inches / 10 cm
  • Width 7 inches / 18 cm
  • Weight 10.3 lbs / 4.7 kg
  • Finish Green rusty bronze
  • Material The sculpture is made of a layer of bronze on cold smelting of copper with the base of graphite or marble dust.