Miguel Guía

The art is an idea, the rest is emotion, sensitivity, craft, technique, ingenuity, technology and skill.

Miguel Guía esencia femenina

The Essence of Female

Miguel Guide explores his new world of essentials in the female torso. A very suggestive sculpture that does not concentrate on the nudity, which although present in this work, is not the essence of the female body. Under his hands, the nakedness of the body acquires a sensual yet clean eroticism.


Works out of cast bronze, wood and other materials, which the artist models in his 3 different styles, realism, magical figuration and cubist abstraction.


Works in oil, acrylic and engravings, a very personal world of the artist, where he dives into his personal Realism, Cubism and Impressionism.

Miguel Guía creating

Here you can find the artist creating his latest works.

My works are directed at people, their feelings and their emotions.

Miguel GuíaArtist

My latest artworks

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esencia de juventud en bronce de fundicion 4
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Obtaining works by Miguel Guía

The works of Miguel Guía can be obtained upon request, you just have to contact me with your request and indicate the work that interests you. Do not forget to include your address so that I can send you the final price including transportation (can be picked up in my art workshop, no shipping cost). I will also indicate the approximate time of completion (if the chosen sculpture is currently unavailable). If the work that interests you is exclusive at some gallery, I will put you in touch with it.

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You can visit my workshop and see the works live, as well as the latest sketches, news and works in progress.
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