Turning into art his passion for the challenges of traveling through the interplanetary space the sculptor Miguel Guía presents us with this realistic and simple work as a whim through which he manages to hypnotize us with the contemplation of the weightlessness, the lack of gravity.

Miguel has been especially motivated by the recent success of SpaceX, the result of the collaboration between Elon Musk and NASA, which has added a new momentum to the space adventure.

The sculpture of the astronaut suspended in the interstellar void, the umbilical cord that connects him to the spaceship and the metallization of the helmet where we see ourselves reflected achieve the desired effect.

Among the sculptural languages of the author, is this a perfect choice for your private collection. If, as a collector, you wish to invest in art due to its revaluation over time, this highly valued sculpture is currently being exhibited at art galleries. It belongs to a limited, original and numbered collection that the artist offers to you for a limited time. Once the edition is sold out, no more works will be produced.

Merchants and gallery owners count on the guarantee of an exclusive, quality and unique work that collectors, as well as subsequent generations and/or heirs, can enjoy.

  • Height 44,5 cm / 17,5 inches
  • Length 27 cm / 10,7 inches
  • Width 24,5 cm / 9,6 inches
  • Weight 5,5 kg / 12 lbs
  • The ship and the visor are made with a layer of nickel over cold-cast copper with graphite and calcite base with polished finishes, the astronaut is made of compacted marble powder, with a cor-ten steel base.