Wise monkeys 40cm


In the eastern cultures of Asia, especially the Hindu and Japanese, monkeys play a leading role in epic representations and in the mystique that accompanies them as a link between the world of humans and Nature.

In this approximation of man to Nature, the monkey, so close to us, also comes to represent what does not change, what remains, what obeys rules that man has many more possibilities of altering when also living in an environment much more changeable and free.

The three wise monkeys want to teach us that advice that will make us more prudent in life, not wanting to see or hear evil, and keep quiet before speaking something bad about others.

From the artistic point of view, I have tried to carry out this inspiring idea in a modern artistic language close to Pop Art, translating a classic idea into the current expression that corresponds to the time of Banksy and Koons, and creating a series in bronze where each element has a really striking metallic finish


30 originals in lost wax casting bronze, 40cm (15,7 in) high.

Delivery is made within 3 calendar months from the order.